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We at Awesome Online Stores have been striving to give online shoppers a quick at-a-glance way to shop their favorite on-line shops in seconds.

Although many of the stores are American based in most cases you can change the country of choice (usually in the upper right or left corner) to your country and currency. Some stores have the availability of approximately 100 countries to choose from. Also check the duty information so that you can figure out if duty is free, asked for at check-out or at your door.

We offer a vast variety of on line department, office, fashion & tech stores to service websites such as hotel & travel sites you can probably find what you’re looking for.

This is a great place to go if you’re a bargain hunter with our at-a-glance quick way to find favorite stores for deals and bargains on Black Friday and Cyber Monday or other bargain sale days.

If you need gifts for men, women, kids or pets for birthday’s, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day or Christmas gift buying for him or her we have stores for that too. Shops for flowers or gift baskets plus current fashion styles abound in the department stores and boutique style shops for men, women and kids through our clothing stores, plus electronics, tech, toys, sports, travel and dozens of other online shops to easily find what you’re looking for. Many can be delivered right to the recipient’s home.

We are constantly on the lookout for name brand and unique boutique stores that you, the online buyer wants and can trust to add to our mall.

We also land on mainly online store homepages so that you can benefit from current deals, coupons, promo codes, outlet, clearance and other sales including some with free shipping offers.

Check back regularly as we are always introducing new stores and services to our on-line shopping mall for variety, gift ideas, hard to find items and your shopping pleasure.

We’ve been involved with online shopping mall for many years now now and appreciate the opportunity to help you find what you need.

We hope that you enjoy the experience of online shopping from the comfort of your home or mobile device and thanks so much for dropping by.

Happy Shopping Everyone!

By- the-way… Looking to shop on Deal Days such as Black Friday & Cyber Monday?  Here are our TOP 10 Tips…

Tip # 1. Start planning your Black Friday,Cyber Monday & other deal days shopping strategy early. Many online stores these days have early bird sales or put their deals up on Thursday before Black Friday to get the anxious shoppers. Soon we’re going to be calling it Black Thursday or Wednesday.

Tip #2. Organize your favorite stores. Know all their website url’s before the big deal days.  Now Bill and I have been working for months on this site that we think is pretty awesome at (you may want to bookmark it) It’s desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile friendly. We have hand picked some of the most popular department stores, online shops and travel agencies for you. Now most of these links land on a U.S. or North American landing page, but if you’re from another country you can generally find your country through an immediate pop -up or choose your country from an area in the upper part of the homepage or bottom of page in Shipping or Help. Now when you are buying at these stores you pay exactly what everyone else pays. Our site is a portal and a way to find stores quickly. This site will also be up 365 days a year for Christmas shopping, Valentines day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, holidays and all other shopping needs.

Now as you know if you’ve been following us for a while, we want to keep it real for you and rarely do we do sponsored videos. We want to tell you that we do make a small commission on each sale, so a big thank you if you purchase from these stores on our website. Thanks for helping us to continue doing these videos.

Tip #3. Know your currency. Remember that many store allow you to change the country and currency, depending on where you are located. A good idea is to have a currency converter open in another tab on your computer. This way you know what you are actually being charged on your credit card.

Tip #4. Pre-study the individual store and their duty terms and conditions. If you are having goods shipped from another country to your country, you will want to know any additional cost before you purchase.  Some stores have middlemen that handle everything and you know your duty at check-out. Some stores may charge you duty at your door upon delivery. If you are not sure then call the store. Most stores have a toll free phone number.

Tip #5. Find out if they will ship to your gift recipient. This is great for stores that sell flowers and gift baskets, which we have on our website  Many other department stores, such as Amazon will also ship out many purchases as gifts to your recipients.

Tip #6. Think outside the online-shopping-box. Bill and I have got amazing deals on flights and vacations including hotel packages on Black Friday online. Even if the trip is planned for a few months in the future, you can save a bundle by booking it on Black Friday, Cyber Monday or the days before or after. (Cyber Monday Week)

You can also shop Black Friday Stores online for business reasons. We have purchased business related products from companies such as Go Daddy.  In some instances we have saved 30% on our purchases.

Tip #7. Know delivery cut-off dates and terms and conditions. Do you live in an apartment building without a concierge or security staff? In most circumstances delivery cards could be left in your mail box telling you a parcel is waiting for you to pick-up at your local postal facility. In some cases an email is sent to you informing you where to pick-up or to arrange a pick-up window with the courier. Some restricted areas (military bases) or remote areas may not be deliverable.

Tip #8. Does free shipping mean free shipping? Some stores offer free shipping on Black Friday & Cyber Monday on all purchases regardless of price. Many have a minimum level for free shipping such as $50 or $100. These are usually before taxes. Click on the details or shipping buttons on the individual stores. Some store will not offer free shipping to remote areas.

Tip #9. Have your credit card ready. Some deals are time sensitive and its best to be ready to purchase. Have the actual card with all the information including any numbers on the back or front of the card.

Tip #10. Relax. If you’re not an avid or frequent online shopper, remember that most stores have great online security features. Most stores have great exchange and return policies. I’ve returned items in the past and have received a refund for both the item and the cost to ship it back to the online stores.

That’s it! If you want the ease of purchasing on Black Friday and Cyber Monday and don’t like the crowds and line ups at the store then don’t forget to bookmark our site at

Hope this helps and best wishes for a great and wonderful online shopping experience